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The SelfieBaar is equipped with a professional camera automatic photo printer.

Thanks to the machine's instant image processing technology, pictures taken at the event can be printed on site and taken with you.

All you have to do is press the button on the machine, wait for the countdown, pose and hold the paper image in your hand.

This photo machine should not miss any major event, be it a wedding, birthday, corporate event or even a simple party.

The device in question is easy to transport, does not interfere with the course of the event, and can be set up anywhere in advance with the customer or on site.

Super-fast printing, a professional environment and our dear colleagues enhance the mood and quality of the party.

The SelfieBaar will keep up with the latest trends, and its design will fit perfectly into any event environment.

If you would like your Selfiebaar photos to have a memorable event at a special event, do not hesitate to order this trendy service, which includes not only the machine but themed accessories, backgrounds, your own company logo and many extras. We also try to solve unique ideas and thematic requests.